Business Assessment Programme

  • Not sure where or how to raise funds?

  • Looking for avenues to setup your controls for sales and cashflow?

  • Are you looking for avenues to grow your business?

RM 3500
for Business Assessment Programme insights

The Business Assessment Programme (BAP) is a company/business assessment report prepared by Rockingham Business Solutions (RBS) for participating companies to help them assess and provide considerations for areas to enhance their business.

This assessment is suitable for SMEs and serves to give the business owners insights on where they stand so that based on their direction, they know what are the areas they can strengthen or invest into to help their enterprise.

Each participating company/business will undergo private discussion sessions by our experts and this is managed by a coordinator assigned as the servicing person for this programme. The turnaround time for this report is about one and half months.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Being in the corporate services field and having inputs from our industry consultants, we find business owners tend to get into a myopic approach to key aspects of their business as they chase for their targets. The BAP and subsequent support would be an insight on the potential problem and opportunity areas for their business.
The participants are required to provide information about their business from financials to marketing unto which they are comfortable with. The value of the outcome would depend on information provided.

The investment for this programme is RM 3500 and it covers 2 major meetings – the initial kickoff and the final review where the outcomes are presented. In between there will be necessary communications where required.The duration for the outcome of this report would be in 3 weeks. By the end of the 3rd week,you will have a BAP report for your organisation.

From the report, you as the business owner or management team will get an insight on the following areas for consideration to focus on:
– Accounting, Audit & Review
– Financial Assessments
– IT Security & Operations
– Branding & Marketing
The Business Assessment Programme (BAP) is suitable for Small Medium Enterprises based in Malaysia at various levels.
The BAP was formulated to help our clients and prospects to map and chart their path with the aim for growth. SMEs comprise 97% of the companies in Malaysia but contribute to the total of 30% of our nation’s GDP and provide significant employment opportunities. Strengthening and developing new areas of growth for these clients would help generate opportunities for Malaysians.


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